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Data Recovery.

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Why is a Data Recovery Specialist Essential?

Experiencing data loss can be highly distressing in any scenario. The real dilemma lies in locating a trustworthy and competent individual or organization capable of restoring your lost data.

While your local computer store or workplace IT support department can often assist, what if your hard drive is no longer accessible? When your hard disk is malfunctioning or physically damaged, the need for a data recovery specialist becomes very likely.

In cases involving failed or failing hard drives or USB devices, there is often only one opportunity to retrieve the data. Therefore, it is crucial to enlist the expertise of a data recovery specialist who possesses the requisite skills, equipment, and facilities to address your device’s issues.

Our Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery– whatever your need

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Desktop/PC Data Recovery

If you need hard drive recovery from your Desktop PC, iMac or All-in-One, we can help!

From £106

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Laptop Data Recovery

Recover your laptop hard drive, even if it has been damaged, corrupted, or formatted.

From £106

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External Hard drive Recovery

Have you dropped your external hard drive? Is it no longer being recognised? Let us help!

From £106


Apple Mac Data Recovery

We can offer specialist data recovery from all Mac operating systems

Price TBC

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USB/SD Card Recovery

With our cutting-edge technology and years of experience, we're dedicated to restoring what you thought was gone for good.

From £34


NAS Data Recovery

We are specialists in NAS Data Recovery and can recover data from any NAS device. Contact Us today for a Fast, Secure, and Affordable Service

From £262

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Server/RAID Recovery

Get Your Data Back Fast, Securely, and Affordably. We Recover Data from Any Type of Server, RAID Array, or Storage Device

From £106

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SSD Recovery (Solid State Drive)

If you have an SSD that's failed, please email or call 01908 990220 and we will be happy to talk you through your options.

From £106